Salesperson Pre-licensing Class

Salesperson Pre-licensing Class

The Salesperson Pre-licensing course is designed to provide a flexible learning environment to best maximize student time. The course includes 10 classes totaling 40 hours of study. Classes are held in Grantham NH and are scheduled for weekday evenings and on weekends. Students can attend any class to start (you don’t have to wait for class number one!) and take them in any order.


Salesperson candidates are required to complete 40 hours of approved study prior to taking the Salesperson Real Estate Examination.


It is suggested that students get the study guide Dearborn Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition text book. (You do NOT need to have the book for your first class—regardless of which class number you begin with.) The book is available on the Dearborn website and can be purchased as a hardcopy or in eBook format.


Click here for the hardcopy text book

Click here for the eBook


Books not required but recommended:

Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam 6th Edition

Modern Real Estate Practice Flash Cards 20th Edition

Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition Textbook and Study Guide Set

Key Point Exam Review for Modern Real Estate Practice v20.0 (MP3)

The Language of Real Estate v7.0 (MP3)

Study Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition

Mastering Real Estate Math



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