Course Outline

We offer 10 classes that will total 40 hours of Pre Licensing instruction.  Upon completion of the 40 hours you will receive an affidavit, this must be turned in with your application to the NH Real Estate Commission in order to become approved by the Commission to take the National and State Real Estate exam. 

National Exam

The NH Real Estate Commission works with a national testing company that administers the Real Estate exam.  This exam is a two part exam National and State you must receive a 70% or better on both portions to pass.

Should you pass one portion and not the other you will only be required to take the portion of the test again that you did not pass.

Schedule of Classes

The Cushing School of Real Estate offers a very flexible schedule.  You can start at anytime and with any class and take all 10 classes in any order that works for your schedule.

NH Real Estate Examination Program

Click on this link that will bring you to the NH Real Estate Examination Program information page.